SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2024

The ascent to the Tseuzier dam, which rises to an altitude of 1777 metres, begins in Sion and is almost 25 kilometers long. From the vineyards of the central Valais to the Lac du Tseuzier, this route offers breathtaking panoramic views at every turn. All along the way, the route is signposted. 

The first few kilometers wind through vineyards to reach the combe de Voos, gradually rising above the plain to the village of Botyre. The road then climbs up the Liène on a sometimes steep slope through the forest, allowing you to admire the view of the highest peaks above the opposite side of the Rhône valley. The climb continues with a few hairpin bends up to Lac du Tseuzier, in which the surrounding peaks are reflected.



Vertical rise

1274mD+ (1,840ft)





Closed road departure: The roads from theCombe de Voos to the top of the Tseuzier dam are reserved exclusively for cyclists.

  • The dam's restaurant will be open and offer a menu for participants.
  • The post bus will already be running to the dam.
  • The shuttle bus will not yet be running.

Access from (Place du Scex, Sion):

  • The Sion train station is located in the immediate vicinity of the Welcome Village. Access by public transport and/or bicycle is recommended.
  • The Scex, Roches-Brunes and Planta parking lots are in the immediate vicinity of the Village d'Accueil.

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